Intrepid helps your company deliver on the promise of technology by saving you time and money


Time your company spends working through technical issues is time not spent improving your business.
 Our services reduce the time your company loses keeping itself running and its services available.


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CPU Flaw Safety Checklist (for Spectre & Meltdown)

A CPU level flaw has been highlighted by Google Project Zero that affects many of the devices that we all use every day. Without going into all the technical detail (as it's still emerging) we wanted to put together checklist to help you tell if you are vulnerable and how to patch your system or application if you are. The vulnerability can be exploited by an application on your system or a webpage loaded in your browser, so the attack surface is significant.

Our article contains a checklist to see if you are protected on the most common devices and platforms.

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IT Support

I need help managing my IT systems and someone to help my users resolve their issues, but I don't want to have to think about it.

Intrepid works with business of all sizes to help provide the right level of IT support. Our three levels of support mean that you can tailor the appropriate approach for you. We use robust process and SLA backed service desk solutions that you can flex according to your need, from remote helpdesk support to on-site engineers and professionals to guide your IT infrastructure planning. 

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Software Maintenance

My software needs maintenance and improvements but I don't want to have to manage a development team or play contractor roulette.

Your software applications are what make your business run, but maintaining them can be a real headache. Intrepid maintain and improve bespoke software developments for small and medium size businesses who don’t have the in-house resource, or time, to manage their applications themselves. Our goal is to make your application more robust over time, proactively fixing bugs and providing continuous improvement for your users.

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Trader Voice Service Desk

I'm worried about how to protect my Trader Voice technology investment. I wish there was a way to maintain systems beyond End of Life.

The Trader Voice platform has been declared End of Life which means that there will be no further updates or maintenance from the manufacturer.  How can you maintain your systems, protecting your investment, and avoid replacement?

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