Visbuzz makes video calling as easy as possible, opening the world of online video communication to people facing difficulties using existing platforms.


The Client had built a functional prototype application which was generating serious opportunities with potential customers demanding more functionality.


The requirement to progress the application from a prototype to a fully functioning application had become a priority. Demos were being impacted by bugs which were harming the Clients ability to convert opportunities to contracts.

Project Approach:

The Intrepid Software team built a new internal team around a new technology and a device test-lab including router connectivity and iOS connections to servers. Agile and Kanban project management techniques were employed to deliver software maintenance and to tackle deep-dives on specific bugs in a prioritised manner, while focusing on speed of delivery, data protection and additional user support. Frequent and regular communications with the Client on both business and technology issues enabled the team to relate technical problems to business pains effectively and efficiently.

Value Delivered:

With the delegation of bug fixing to the Intrepid Software Maintenance team the Client was able to free up time for core, value-adding activities. The Client has the ability to actively fix bugs that are discovered during implementation of their product & service in the customer’s environments and demonstrations for potential customers are carried out bug-free. The ability for the Client to discuss new features and functionality with a permanent team of trusted advisors has enabled them to understand more accurately the proposition to their own customers resulting in a higher success-rate when acquiring new business.