Technology Continuity

  • Technology evolves over time, and without a proper IT strategy an organisation's technology and systems can easily malfunction and become irrelevant
  • Many organisations don't have an IT strategy, or support plan to ensure that their technology and systems will maintain their effectiveness
  • Organisations spend significant amount of their time managing their IT strategy which takes away focus from business objectives
  • Technology Continuity Solutions ensure the technology and systems stay effective through:
    • Proven best in class IT service desk and software maintenance offerings that focus on transparency and visibility
    • Solutions focused on the newest technologies and tools to ensure your organisation is using the best possible tool set
    • Ownership of responsibility for your IT strategy and technology continuity plan to allow you to focus more on your business
    • Customised solutions and plans that meet the specific technology needs of your organisation now and the future


Related Offerings

Intrepid Service Desk

Fully hosted IT solutions for customers with small to medium sized teams, including desktop support, infrastructure support, infrastructure management and operation management

Dedicated Service Desk

A customised service desk solution designed around the client's individual need

Enterprise Service Desk

Large scale version of the Dedicated Service Desk, with typically an on-premise hosting solution and onsite staff

IT Infrastructure Consulting

Custom IT infrastructure solutions to solve issues through technology

Software Maintenance

A reliable SLA backed service that ensures that your investment into custom software is protected by our defect management process through fast fixes and resolutions to your applications and systems

Scoping Engagement - Software Roadmapping

The creation of a user facing project play, with high level estimates of a project implementation phase

Technology & Process Audit

A report of the existing technology footprint and/or the organisational processes detailing the relevant risks, opportunities and related regulatory standards.

Infrastructure Security

Implementation of strategies to secure ways into an organisation's network

Endpoint Security

Implementation strategies and execution of secured exit points of an organisations network

Information Security Consulting

Risk assessment, management and intelligent solutions to defend information against unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction 

Trader Voice Service Desk

Ongoing support for all major trader voice systems and hardware, enabling extended life for existing systems

Application Hosting

The hosting of an application, service or vendor product on behalf of a customer by Intrepid, including the infrastructure management of the hosted item

Office 365 Training

A training offering that teaches your workforce to use the powerful features of the Office 365 suite of applications

Skype for Business Training

A training offering that teaches your workforce to use the powerful features of the Skype for Business platform


How can Intrepid help your business? 

  • Is the technology that I am using providing the correct level of support, functionality and security required for my businesses needs?
  • In many cases businesses are not achieving this:
    • Many organisations are using outdated technology to satisfy their requirements
    • In other cases, the technology is so new and disruptive that the company lacks the expertise on how to handle the technology properly
    • IT Strategy needs to change and adapt according to how the business grows and evolves... however, IT Strategy is often neglected or depriortised
    • Organisations whose core business isn't technology often don't have the expertise to create an IT strategy properly 
    • These provide inherent risks to the company, as business processes and operations heavily rely on IT tools and applications to be effective, and productive.
  • How does Technology Continuity resolve these issues?
    • Expert advice without the need for your business to employ its own IT experts
    • Intrepid can advise on solutions based on the newest technologies to ensure that your organisation is using the best tool set available
    • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven support desk that produces clear outcomes to clients, and sets expectations accordingly through high transparency
    • Software technical expertise that adapts to new technology scenarios well, and understands how to ensure software is maintained and supported correctly.
    • An IT and Software experienced team that have worked with organisations of various scales who understand the steps to evolve an IT strategy as the business grows