System Integration

  • Technology solutions to empower your systems into producing the meaningful and strategic results your organisation really needs.
  • Many organisations aren't maximising the use of technology in their organisational processes and strategies
  • System Integration Solutions focus on getting the most out technology for your organisation through
    • Integrating your current technology and systems to produce more insightful results
    • Migrating to a new technology set that will align better with your organisation's strategic goals
    • Automating manual work to increase accuracy and efficiency of your business processes through technology
    • Evaluating how your technology and systems working together will achieve business objectives


Related Offerings

Technology & Process Audit

A report of the existing technology footprint and/or the organisational processes detailing the relevant risks, opportunities and related regulatory standards.

Software Consulting

Custom software solutions and software development expertise to solve customer's problems through technology

Scoping Engagement - Software Roadmapping

The creation of a user facing project play, with high level estimates of a project implementation phase

Proof of Concept

An Infrastructure or Software project designed to answer specific question of viability of a proposed solution


A follow on to the Proof of Concept, the Prototype is a customised solution to show users, clients and other stakeholders to demonstrate core functionality

Unified Communications (Via)

Provision of a cloud based unified communications solution based on the Skype for Business Platform through our partner, Via.

Office 365 Migration

Migration of legacy mail systems to Microsoft Office 365 solution and ongoing support

Skype for Business Migration

Roll out of the Microsoft Skype for Business Platform

Identity & Access Management (OKTA)

An innovative solution to provide identity and access management through a single sign on solution, provided by a market leader with exceptional support and compatibility


How can Intrepid help your business?

  • Are you maximising the abilities of your technology and processes?
  • In many cases, business are not:
    • Many disparate systems that just don't work together to produce meaningful and strategic results
    • Data isn't organised and formatted in such a way that it can be used together in calculations or reports 
    • The technology being used is out of date, resulting in lost proficiency, productivity and efficiency compared to their competitors
    • Overlapping technology that perform similar functions that could be consolidated or re-designed to achieve better cost savings
    • Too much manual effort getting their different technologies to fit their organisational processes
    • Old fashioned business processes don't take into account new advantages through technology and should be rethought and evaluated
  • How do System Integration solutions alleviate these situations?
    • Integrating disparate systems though bespoke software components focused on defined business outcomes
    • Migration of existing components or systems to new technologies that produce more efficient return on investment
    • Automation of manual work to integrate technology better into business processes
    • Re-evaluation of systems at a organisational level to ensure technology is focused on strategic business objectives