Data Visualisation

  • Technology solutions to access the power of your data and systems by visualising their information in insightful and appealing ways
  • Many organisations aren't able to present or access their data effectively and accurately to make strategic decisions
  • Users have high expectations to view the information they want, when they want it, and in an appealing user experience that's intuitive
  • Data Visualisation solutions maximise how insightful your data and systems are through:
    • Focused visualisations on the aspects of your data and systems that are important to your business and it's processes
    • High performing and visually appealing solutions that provide an enjoyable seamless user experience 
    • Multi-platform solutions to match your organisation's user demands that include: web, mobile, desktop, and AR/VR
    • Solutions that allow users and clients to pivot and manipulate the visualisation to view and make strategic decisions


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How can Intrepid help your business?

  • Can I visualise my data to get the insight I need to make strategic decisions?
  • In many cases, business are not achieving this:
    • Visualisations only show part of the picture and is not presented in a way that proper decisions can be made against it
    • The user experience of the application is too slow, and isn't intuitive to view or use
    • Only a static view of the data is provided which provides only a single scenario
    • There is no multi-device support for the data visualisation that limits the intended audience
    • They do not have the need to have a complex and visually stunning user interface but it needs to be functional and cost effective
  • How do Data Visualisation Solutions alleviate these situations?
    • Visualisation solution's technology, UX and visuals are focused on business objectives and system integration's solutions are designed to aid with preparing the data appropriately
    • Experienced technologists and UX designers focus on building visualisations focused on the intended targeted audience to ensure performance and UX meet expectations
    • Bespoke and extensible visualisation solutions that allow users to manipulate options to pivot/change the visualisation perspectives and see different scenarios
    • Visualisation solutions can be built on multi platforms like web, desktop, mobile, and VR/AR
    • Visualisation can be purely bespoke software solutions or leverage 3rd party visualisation technologies like Power BI, and Tableau