Life at Intrepid

We’re always looking for individuals to join our growing team. While diverse in our personal achievements, we all share a common desire to create more time for the precious aspects of life and utilising our knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve this aim. We hire individuals who are eager to learn, driven to achieve the best, and thrive on taking responsibility and ownership. Please get in touch if you believe that Intrepid is the right future for you.

Growth prospects

We’re a small but growing team of experts which offers the right individuals room to grow whilst having support and guidance from the team.  We’re keen to develop your talents with training and mentorship as required, with the freedom to take control of your opportunities.

Flexibility & Work/life balance

One of the founding values of the company is a desire to achieve the right work / life balance and therefore while we work hard when we’re at work, we’re keen that our team strives to achieve the right work/life balance for individual circumstances. For some this is the flexibility where possible to work remotely, from a location of their choice, for others this is flexibility over the working hours, and for others this is holiday time. We endeavour to provide opportunities for everyone to achieve the right work/life balance for themselves, and are always striving to improve areas.

Employee incentives

We believe that the little things matter and therefore remuneration shouldn’t just be about your pay packet at the end of the month. Therefore we provide a company pension plan to help you invest for your future, and are looking into the feasibility of other benefits (such as health insurance).


While many of us are often found supporting clients across various locations, we are strong believers in the value of a team and therefore hold regular social team events to build our strong bonds. These can be a simple dinner or drinks, or have a more competitive angle to them such as mini golf, table tennis or go-karting.

Giving back

Here at Intrepid we’re big fans of our precious resources and that’s why we’re committed to giving back 10% of our profits each year to a charitable cause focused on ‘Freedom through Efficiency’: saving people time and creating an optimised environment for growth and learning for the third world. We believe that every little bit helps, and we hope that our contributions each year will help others who do not have as good access to this precious resource.