Company History

Founded in 2010, Intrepid was initially created as a pure software consultancy working with cutting edge technology for a few key clients. We were driven by our desire to embrace the newest technologies for multi-platform software applications. As our client base expanded, we found that as well as returning to us for new projects, our clients needed ongoing maintenance and support for their existing software platforms and applications. Out of this was born our Services department. This has grown organically, providing ongoing support for our Consultancy and Solutions clients, as well as providing much needed support to new Service only clients. 

Company Values

Time. As technology experts, we believe that technology systems and platforms should work for us, in providing us all with more of our most precious resource, time. All of our solutions, services and products are inspired by the desire to create more time for our clients to enable our clients to focus on what is really important to them.

Innovation. With our insatiable desire for progression, we are not afraid to live on the bleeding edge of technology to provide innovative, progressive and optimal solutions and services to meet our clients needs.

Intelligence. From the outset, we strive to apply our thinking and problem solving skills to our work, providing our clients with solutions and services which work for them.

Effectiveness. Of our work the effectiveness (doing the right thing) comes before efficiency (doing things quickly), although both are important.

Trust. We strive on a daily basis to create a team of trusted professionals, each with an appetite to continue learning and a determination to get the job done.

Process. This is everything to us. Our processes, both internal and delivered to clients, seek to maintain the right balance of effectiveness, efficiency optimisation and freedom to showcase the talent of those that work within them.

International Offering

While Intrepid is predominantly based in the UK in London, we support a growing international client base with clients across the UK, the USA and the Middle East. We tailor our support offerings and working practices to ensure that you are getting the services you require, when you require them.


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